Atlus partners with Deep Silver to publish for European gamers

With Atlus being acquired by Sega, we knew that Sega would be publishing Atlus’ games in North America, but that left out Europe.

Deep Silver today announced that it would be publishing Atlus titles such as Persona and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse in Europe. Physical copies will be part of Deep Silver’s publishing duties, along with special editions like Persona 5‘s premium edition, “Take Your Heart.”

This should be great news for European gamers, as being able to purchase titles from European publishers helps ensure a smoother way of acquiring more published Atlus games, in turn.

There’s currently no set release date for the EU version of Persona 5. We’ll keep you updated.

  • In entering this partnership with Deep Silver, I am truly delighted we will be able to release our titles in the European regions.
  • Not only does the deal span multiple titles, but Deep Silver has a strong presence in European and PAL retailers. They have a strong passion for being able to deliver physical games to our fans in those territories, which we hold in high regard.

    – Naoto Hiraoka, CEO, Atlus USA


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Now @Carryduffp and @Gale can get some Atlus games.

Half a year later maybe.Not that I was dying for some more shitty Atlus games to begin with though – you can bet that I wouldn't lose my sleep over not playing 'SMT Finally dead' and Pandersona 5.

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