<3 Gimmie your hearts~ <3 (Persona 5 Release Date)

Because Valentines Day, the day for love, is also the day the Persona 5 crew will have to deal with the Heart Thief. Yes, you read right: on February 14th 2017, Persona 5 comes to North America at the cost of $49.99 on PS3 and $59.99 on PS4. 

Hey, are steelbook cases your thing? If so, you’re in luck, ’cause you don’t even have to spend additional funds to get one! Just pre-order the game and you get it with no additional cost. There’s also a special edition called “Take Your Heart” up for grabs for $30 more.

$89.99 only on PS4: Source IGN

The special edition is  only for the PlayStation 4. It includes a school bag and a cute plushy Morgana, along with a hardcover art book, soundtrack CD, and a collector’s box to keep everything together.

Seems we’ll have to do a bit more waiting than Japan, so I guess it’s time for the time old tradition of “Spoiler Avoiding.” So, will ATLUS be your Valentine, next year?

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oh man februar is way to long away :((((((((((((


Out of curiosty where was this posted @Cemmos I found it odd I couldn’t see it in the New Feed.

In MegaTen General. [URL=’https://www.megamifuse.com/community/topic/smt-news-feed-editors.258/page-10#post-133411′]This post[/URL] in the team forum mentions why that happens.


In MegaTen General. [URL=’https://www.megamifuse.com/community/topic/smt-news-feed-editors.258/page-10#post-133411′]This post[/URL] in the team forum mentions why that happens.

And now grand sensei has expanded my knowledge even more, I’ll make sure to watch it when I post an article next time

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