SMT IV: Launch Edition


Credit to PapuOkamu for the image

If you pre-order or grab a Day One Edition of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, you’ll receive three metal pins. These pins will represent peace, anarchy, and Dagda’s mark respectively.

Apocalypse is set to release in Summer 2016.

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Make me…


Cool. Lots of cool stuff in Atlus first-print editions recently, from the strategy guide/artbook included with SMT IV to Persona Q’s/Ultimax’s Major Arcana cards. Kind of reminds me of the old Working Designs/BioWare pack-ins, with cloth maps and costume jewelry and shit.

They’ll go well on my laptop bag with the Attorney’s Badge I have on there (and the Franklin Badge, if I ever get around to finding it/ever get back down to MAGFest to get another).

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