Persona 5 Featured in March 2016 Issue of Persona Magazine (ペルソナマガジン)

You read that correctly folks, some new Persona 5 information is within the latest issue of Persona Magazine (ペルソナマガジン), celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Persona series. You can check out the scans below.


“Our Timid Protagonist Phantom Thief along with fearsome Lupin”



“Ryuuji and the fierce Captain Kidd, plus a mysterious foe it seems?”



“Ann and the beautiful Carmen”



“Morgana and the striking Zorro”



“Yusuke and the Robin Hood like outlaw Goemon”



“Interview with Hashino Katsura”


There’s also an article dedicated to Persona 3 having had its movie recently finished.


In this article it will talk about the Members of S.E.E.S from Persona 3 to Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. It also will let you know what the social links have been up to and how the Velvet Resident abandoning her duties has been and just revisiting the word of P3 in general.


The next issue has no exact release date, but is said to be sometime in the summer. If the past is anything to go off of, these Persona magazines follow a pattern of releasing around a Persona-related movie, anime or game, so let’s hype these up!

These are raw with no translations, but you can check out more info at Persona Central.

Thanks to a kind Reddit user named Lightstar45, we do have a rough translation, but again it’s rough; so please take it with a grain of salt. Here at Megami Fuse, we’ll update you as a more precise translation is released.

“Protag and Ryuji are worried about Ann in the early stages. She becomes the life of the party (comic relief?) once she becomes a friend

Ryuji is the one who suggests changing the world to Protag. Protag becomes a Phantom Thief because of Ryuji (?)

Morgana has a duty to fulfill and has a purpose before meeting the gang.

Yusuke is an eccentric character. For him, his charm that is felt in the game may be different than an initial illustration gives off. People are using the term “moe gap” towards him; which means a character may look one way but acts a totally different way.

Characters are misplaced by society. A label is put on them and they are seen as nothing else by the world. They live boring lives.

There is another member of the group elsewhere (??? This part is hard to translate so take it with a grain of salt)

Something to note about the last image that says the next Magazine is coming out in 2016; Persona Magazines come out when a game/movie etc. is released. This issue came out in response to the 4th Persona 3 movie. The next Magazine is slated to be released “Sometime in Summer 2016″. Persona 5 is the only known Persona related content coming out next in terms of games, movies and anime, so unless something else is released beforehand, well… : )

And if we don’t have a release date for Persona 5 by the time an actual date is given for the Magazine, we should have a general timeslot as to when the game itself comes out.”


Thank you Lightstar. Hopefully sometime soon we can get some information what else dwells within that interview. What do you think, SMT and Persona fans? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Over at Siliconera, there are some key notes from the interview, some of which include:

  • Persona 4 got a bunch of extra content added to Persona 4 Golden, and as a result of not compromising with the volume, it was a lot of work. That said, [Persona 5] has some truly gorgeous content.
  • Dungeons and level design will be very different when compared to past titles. There are things that make them all different, and each dungeon will be thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Thanks to having a bit of a stereotypical theme with “phantom thief,”  it made it possible to be able to put in work that will surprise the players. From there, they’re looking to mix in contemporary drama with the likeness of Persona, to create something that can express the fun of entertainment.

There’s also some great information about some of the cast of characters in that article, so be sure to give it a read!

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I hope there’s more about the 20th anniversary of the series, rather than focusing on just Persona 3.

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