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SMT News Feed

All of the Persona Q 2 trailers so far

With the Japanese release of Persona Q 2 : New Cinema Labyrinth drawing closer,here are all the trailers so far that has been released and been put into a playlist by Atlus. Persona Q 2 : New Cinema Labyrinth will be released on November 29th,2018 in Japan. No official word yet if the game will… Read more

E3: Off Topic EA Play 2018

You can watch the live stream here on Megamifuse, from whichever source you please.  EA has some Big announcements up their sleeve. Aside from Battlefield V and Anthem, what do they have to show us, let us watch and find out!    

Atlus to hold stage event for Dancing games and Persona 5 the Animation at Sega Fes

Atlus announced that it will be holding a stage event for Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night,Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 5 the Animation at Sega Fes 2018 on April 15th,5PM JST. The event will have a talk show featuring Jun Fukuyama (Protagonist), Aoi Yuuki (Futaba) and mini concert featuring Lyn. Dancing Moon Night and Dancing… Read more

Persona 5 the Animation second trailer

The second trailer for Persona 5 the Animation has been released. Persona 5 the Animation will begin airing on April 7,2018. Credits to – Gematsu